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Bob Dancer Presents Win Poker version 6.0
by Zamzow Software Solutions and Bob Dancer

Windows 95 or higher - 3.5 Software
In Stock
Price: $29.95

The new and improved version of the incredible video poker software, WinPoker, is available. It slices, it dices ... whoops, wrong product. Actually, it does everything but those things, and now comes with additional pre-programed game templates, including the Atlantic City joker poker schedule that everyone's been clamoring for. There are enhanced training options, and faster run-times. And, of course, all of the original features remain. The combination of WinPoker and the Dancer/Daily Video Poker Strategy Cards will make you a virtual video poker powerhouse.

What makes this program so much better? Well, here's a clue: The official name of the software is Bob Dancer Presents WinPoker. Get the picture? Dancer is the pre-eminent video poker expert in the world today, and it was his "wish list" that helped make the program the gem that it is. The comparison follows; keep in mind that the price of WinPoker is the same as VP Tutor: $29.95.

To begin, WinPoker is Windows based. That alone remedies one of the major flaws of VP Tutor, which works out of DOS. WinPoker also installs easily, comes with clearly written instructions, and has an on-screen "Help Menu." Best of all, there's a phone number for tech support from the publishers. Hallelujah!

That's a good start, but how about the features? Here's a quick rundown of the standouts. There are 15 game templates, which means you no longer have to program the computer in order to switch to favorite schedules like 10/7 double bonus, Atlantic City joker poker, or full-pay deuces wild. Once you do move beyond the templates, however, you can program Winpoker to handle almost anything presently offered in a casino (the one omission is sequential royals).

The program includes various training and analysis modes. The error report is far more understandable than VP Tutor's. There's a setting for Quadruple Play (Triple Play could not be included because of trademarks). Even the graphics are more realistic.

On top of everything, it's faster-and I mean by a long shot. Actual speed will depend on the type of computer you have, but the calculation of a return percentage that took eight minutes on my computer with VP Tutor took only about 55 seconds with WinPoker.

WinPoker is an incredible product, and our new choice for best video poker software. It's in stock now and ready for immediate shipping.